**Update, photographer was making out with some drunk girl at the bar last night. I overheard him saying to her pre-makeout, "I'm a rolling stone photographer"... The guy was a huge twat.

Rolling Stone is in San Diego this weekend.

Supposedly, they will feature this town's music scene... wavves and crocodiles. We all got together last night at Lucy's (drummer of christmas island) house for a RS photographer to take really not-bad cool-looking photos of what it's like to be in this town that's south of LA and north of TJ. I brought my bb gun. But I don't look fun enough to make a good photo - sorry mom.

RS: "Is it beachy?"
Mario: "There's dead grass."

If you're a fame whore and want to do the right thing, go to Too Many Creeps tonight at the Whistle Stop where Mario Orduno and Crocodiles will be selecting the usual suspect jams. BIG SUNDAYS.

Support your local bar.


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