Diane Pernet was an influential young American designer in the 80s/90s ... and now she's an influential blogger [A Shaded View on Fashion].

Her blog is a valued resource for many industry professionals and common interneters such as myself.

So -- the point of this is that I think Diane Pernet's fashions rules. All that I've gathered of her 13 yr career as a designer is by way of her own self-examination: A Diane Pernet Fashion History.

Welcome to the world of Diane Pernet: very 1985 Desperately Seeking Susan meets Elvira/Alfred Hitchcock chic.

(Below) 15 yr old Naomi.

(Above and below) Neith Hunter, DP's signature model. Also Richard Gere's ex.

The illustrators DP has worked produced such visually stirring images. That in itself is an extremely difficult task for fashion sketches. Most often suckkkkkk. This drawing is by Roger Duncan. However she's also worked with the legendary, Mats Gustavson.

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