My friend Mario of Art Fag records hooked me up with some songs of Ye Olde Maids from their upcoming release... I love it and enjoy listening to it more and more and fucking more. Electro pop with vocals. Pretty simple. Pretty effective in my ears.

Another project of Wes Eisold and some other dude (I dunno his name), Ye Olde Maids is my favorite though his most experimental. (Gaining the most of attention of Wes' bands currently is Cold Cave. His most succesful is American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost.

Given that I'm not as productive lately in writing in this here blog. It takes such inspiration for me to be all, "fuck I want others to know about _____". And so, I feel that way about Ye Olde Maids. The more I hear it, the most I think about its concept... deep thoughts. Wes sings into a vocal transformer so that we hear a young girls voice with subtle sounds of his original voice. Basically comes across as some vocal duet -- to which I originally thought it was until I was corrected by Mario. But don't let the truth ruin the mystic. The 'female' voice is seductive and romantic. With soft tones and strong lyrics the vocals come across as dynamic and contemplative. Reminiscent of ... well, practically all bands listed as influences: raincoats, bags, kleenex, huggy bear, essential logic, young marble giants, pussycat trash, esg, throwing muses, velocity girl, girlschool, tiger trap, shaggs, vivien goldman, slits, would be's, shop assistants, black tambourine. Excellent list, I might add.

But this is where I get into deep conceptual thoughts, man. Ok, after the trickery of vocals in my mind is settled. I started thinking, shit -- this girl is fake. Who is she? Then *click*, perhaps she is a voice within Wes' head. I really don't want to carry on with this notion without knowing for sure what the reasoning behind such a feminine voice. Probably just, because it sounds cool. But to me, I'd like to think Wes created this vocalist as his perfect female figure. One to romanticize and consider intimate. I dunno, just listen and enjoy.

Ye Olde Maids

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Raquel said...

i know, right? wes is a great musician, on every front. my favorite project of his is cold cave, which he does with good ol' chachi formerly of san diego.