Dear Internet,

You are so much to me. I am able to express myself to you in ways I've only dreamt of. You expand my reality past time and space. I am able to juggle multiple accounts of identity, regardless of expectations held by those who are close to me. I lose myself in your digital seas. My capsule is a reality because of you. Within this metal box, I can spend hours of time staring into your deep complexities. My fingers tickle your triggers. You are my vehicle of information. Your grand rolodex has granted me jobs, collitch, and persons whom I met / talk to because of your existence. Famous people, not so famous people... but most importantly my boyfriend, Craig Oliver (member of Spirit Photography and Christmas Island). You've also given me answers to random queries when I was at a loss. You provided me with a bounty of mp3's to which I've expanded my head knowledge. I even pay my bills through you. And holler out to transcontinental family members through you. But what I really want to say is, fuck you internet. And Happy belated Valentine's day.


P.S. I love you, Craig.
P.P.S. I love my nephew.



Anonymous said...

Egads ha

Anonymous said...

What a difference a year does make...