Get this, yesterday I had really bad cramps at the exact same time of Lux Interior's death. Tragic. The man was only 13.

Part two of the above Napa State Mental Hospital Cramps show can be seen here.

With the garage sound on the rise (again) in the current independent music scene from coast to coast, there is the ever present mistake of falling into a washed out revivalist drone. Sure the cramps inspired a shit ton of bands to make some cool music. But that was before the internet was born. I'm not exactly sure of what I'm trying to say. But something about Lux's death has triggered a sense of tremendous doubt. One big 'UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' pours out of my mouth in frustration. Making your own sound is becoming more about generating a quick response and a quick revenue. The internet is gentrifying my earphonezzzzzzzzzzzZzzz.

But whatever. Love what you love. Hate what you hate. 'Eh' what you 'eh'. And stop reading pitchfork so much.


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