I was just browsing TB's best of 2008. Shit's long. Actually, I still didn't get all the way through it. Worth enough for the read, click here. Oh, and the forum is always good for laughs / gossip.


- moving across the country for craig
- my 1st nephew!
- mayyors at budget rock. mayyors everywhere
- intelligence and christmas island love fest
- unemployment
- being able to pack all of my belongings into a backpack. ....you're welcome goodwill.
- my friend's and their bands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111 slakdjflkjdflkaf wahhhhhfwoo


- moving away from new york.
- leaving my new born nephew.
- buying $30+ tickets to shows and not going
- moving back in with my parents
- 4 bike crashes. one helmet smasher.
- unemployment
- drunk by myself and waking up on top of a car, setting its alarm off, giving the cops the middle finger, puke everywhere, losing my bike for 3 days, TGIdidn'tdie
- RIP too many

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k3nho said...

i haven't read your blog in a long time. i'm impressed. your writing style has changed a lot. well researched, highly articulate, entertaining. xo