So I wrote a preview for Victim Of Time on last night's Three Mile Pilot / Christmas Island / Kill Me Tomorrow / Calico Horse. Go ahead and read it here if you feel the need.

I'm not too fond of it. It's disconnected, unorganized and lacks significant research. To be honest I was filled with anxiety and serious poo's while writing that article. I'm going to go ahead and blame it on my ovulation cycle. Whatever -- it was fun, my life rules and I got to see an amazing show last night that people will be talking about for a very long time.

Christmas Island played an excellent set. I've seen them ... over 10 times? ... and each show is better than the last. They're so damn charming and fun to watch. The three of them are great awesome super nice fun welcoming dope ass cool people, and it shows in their shows, fo'sho. In addition, Brian's starfuck rocker guitar jumpkick is getting better. Hoppppppppefully by SXSW he'll improve his hang time.

Calico Horse started out slow for me. I almost fell asleep in the beginning. Nothing against them, they were great -- I just can't do radiohead-esque melodic music at shows. ButTTTTTT ... they have a nice formula going for sex soundtraxxx, soft sensual voice jams with breaks of heavy guitar rock jams.


Kill Me Tomorrow ruled. First time seeing them live. Excellent stage presence. Excellent jams. Won't be the last time I'll be attending a show.

Three Mile Pilot ... felt so good. Reminded me of a youthcrew hardcore show. Gangs of boys arm in arm singing (belting) out the lyrics all masculine pumping their clenched fists into the air. Smiles were all over the place as everyone was reliving their 20 something years.

Cool. I'll post some pictures from the show after I take a refreshing nap.

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