I like sharing. It makes me feel good. It's selfishness but in an unselfish way. Releasing some of the bitchness so I don't tip my morality ship. But fuck this slave-morality psychosis. Lyssophobiac por vida... gracias David por las musicas.

Los Holy's - Sueño Sicodélico DOWNLOAD HERE

"The group's first LP, Sueno Sicodelico (Psychedelic Dream), is an ambitious and original album, and one of the earliest and most perfect Latin American conceptual pop records. They wrote on the back of this LP, "Los Holy's symbolize the restless and evolved heart of today's youth. Do we know all of the sounds that are heard at the bottoms of the sea? Space stations don't capture sound-waves produced at thousands of light years? We will try to reproduce those sounds with our instruments and maybe they'll end up being more pleasant than the crashing of waves." Leader Walo would later found additional bands, touchstones of other facets of Peruvian rock: Telegraph Avenue and Tarkus."


Greg Sage - Straight Ahead DOWNLOAD HERE

Greg Sage's debut solo album, released in 1985. I was 2. That about covers that.

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