I might be really tired, but I hereby dedicate the last living years of my life to promoting the Gun Outfit. They are just so precious. Tell me you can't listen to "Your Will" and wish you made songs as charming as that cutie pie. So click HERE and listen to this band now.

It's as if Tobi Vail completed the Bikini Kill rock/marriage trifecta and reproduced glorious band offspring with Gregg Sage as her lover. This perfect scenario, of course, would only at first blossom within the confines of a 'loose' rebounding spree post Kurt Cobain, yet develop into the kind of passionate, committed, and inspiring love to which the rest of us spend our entire miserable lives searching for. If only we all could be so lucky...


PPM released their 7" this past August. Buy it here. I know it's floating around there somewhere on the internet. In the meantime, I'll be making myself a band t-shirt in support. So if you want one, just let me know I'll ship it via media mail. Free of charge.

Gun Outfit - "Your Will"

Download the complete Demo '08 here

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