You know when it's late at night and you're by yourself with nothing to do? That is me every night. But... tonight - TONIGHT is fucking different though. Because tonight started out like that, all woe is me, wahhhhhhh. But then I turned on the TV and watched 'Stoked' -- that documentary about Mark 'Gator' Anthony the 80s Vision Street Wear icon skater turned rapist/murderer 25 tah lifer. The doc wasn't too bad, but the best part had to be Jason Jesse. His interviewing parts cracked me the fuck up -- like, who is the guy? He didn't take himself so seriously on the subject of death and celebrity schadenfreude. My favorite quote had to be, "fuck your broccoli, eat a corndog" or something. I dunno, the context of it was funnier. You'd laugh, I promise.

Ok, that introductory paragraph was bogus... what I really want to say is - when I went to Jeson Jessee's website I was blown away by the musical seduction going on. He has like 8 bit soundtracks for his website. Ones that someone took the time to sit down and work out the cassio keyboard arrangement for Suicidal Tendencies. I pray to god that he made those himself, because that would only make him more of a powerhouse on the "this dude is a hella proper dude" homefront. Even if he didn't - c'mon -- that's hilarious. To get on my wavelength, just listen. Totally rules my late night internet prowling ass. Like I wish more bread crumb trails led to this pot of gold. RULES.

Also, fyi, if I collected crap. I would collect dead/convicted pro skater crap. Just so you know. But I can't stand unnecessary items and shelves that just hold stuff. I'll leave that up to you. Gator, Jeff phillips, Christian Hosoi, Ben Pappas, Harold Hunter, Neil Heddings,.....

King Diamond - this place is terrible

Cradle of Filth- 13 autumns and a widow

Devo- gut feeling

Hank Williams Jr - cheatin heart

Steve Vai - crying machine

Psychedelic Furs - the ghost in you

Mercyful Fate - devil eyes

Slayer - angel of death

Suicidal Tendencies - fascist pig

Tears for Fears - head over heals

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