Dan Deacon has previously dismissed several other companies approaching him about using his songs to market their respective products. However recently, Crayola Crayons has produced a commercial using Dan Deacon's "Pink Batman" song in the background.

"this is the first​ time i've let a large​ compa​ny licen​se one of my songs​.​ i've been asked​ by serva​l other​s befor​e but this is the first​ time its been for somet​hing that promo​tes a compa​ny that creat​es a produ​ct that encou​rages​ peopl​e (​child​ren)​ to make art and to use their​ minds​ to creat​e.​ maybe​ i'm being​ naive​ but i used their​ crayo​ns.​"

I used their crayongs too Dan. In fact if you look on your little box of crayons, you'll see they are produced in EASTON mother fucking PA. Where I currently reside, tucked away in my parent's humble abode. I was one of the lucky few to get a tour of their facilities as a girl scout back in the day, like 90s. Now, you just get a hack of a tour downtown at their center circle tourist facility. That main plant was the shit. HUGE vats of wax being produced. Colors exploded all over the walls. Workers were covered in pigment so much that they urinated roy g biv. Think Charlie and the Chocolate factory, minus that guy Johnny Dep, plus some hazardous waste and accidents waiting to happen... wait, that IS Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

You can download Pink Batman here from Music is Art.

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