Woah, this is killing me right now. Bright green shorts, doom metal and hair whipping in the wind on a stage overlooking a wave pool ... God, 1988 ruled. Confessor was invited to play at some battle of the bands in Houston at a god damn WATERPARK. Having just released a demo cassette, Uncontrolled, this video is evidence of their early combination of almighty high wailing vocals over a progtechnical metal doom sound.

As with every other band, they recently regrouped this year and put out an album that isn't as good. However, currently on their site you can buy some Confessor soap. Yes, soap... they are selling 'spice' for dudes and 'lavender' for the ladies. How metal is that???!!! Actually if you just buy their shirt and take a picture of you with it on - you can enter a contest to just win the soap instead. Seriously, I suggest you scroll through this gallery of winner pictures ... metal fans always get better with age. Like, "fuck you male pattern baldness - I'll put a bandana over you so no one will know. and fuck you wrinkles, this eye liner makes me more fuckable than ever. and fucking fuck you gut cause I've got a layer of steel riding under you emphasized with this metal screened thermal long sleeve tucked into some tight-assed appropriately stone washed jeans with that nice 'worn' look." Woooof.

Via WFMU via Shroomangel's You Tube (via Stephen O.


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Chris Stamm said...

Fuck I want to be them on that gigantic stage so fucking bad.