oh, nelly // dumb, but whatever

My friend Dimitri over at Booty Bassment has a really amazing poster of Nelly hanging in his bathroom appropriately above the toilet -- Nelly is all wading in some public pool water looking cold as hell and trying just as hard to look hawt. Every poster that I've seen of Nelly is terrible. Even the one I just made. I can't even begin to express how much he sucks. Don't even consider comparing his posters for different levels of suckage. With him, I see only full throttle suckage. In the name of the father, son and holy suck-it. SUCKS SUX SUCKS SUXXX. Let's take a visual journey on the suckage that is Nelly:


Anonymous said...

please ho! you be trippin! nelly for prezident!


Anonymous said...

ur fuckin stupid nelly rulez

Anonymous said...

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