Something is on my mind ...

Making the sex. Goofy, silly, crazy, spanking, kissing, slobbering, laughing, down right lovely man on woman / woman on man action. Woman being me. Man being you. The following is a list of songs that I've hit switches to* and songs that I want to knock boots to**. Asterisk-ized for your mental-picturing pleasure.

MUSIC // Click here to download zip
**Chairlift - Planet health
*ESG - Swangin and bangin
**Slurp Dogs - Chesterfields of Fire
**Quarrymen - In spite of all the danger
*Tapes N Tapes - Omaha
*Eddie Ray - You are mine
**Nuit Noire - I love you
*Caribou - Tits & Ass
**Darondo - Sure know how to love me


drunkdial said...

a whole album of bone jams

Leroy Elroy said...


Melissa said...


Edward T. said...

that's one lovely muffin mix. can't wait to hear it in person. titts on the JMB link too drunkdial.

Zay said...

wow. i doubt the quality of mixtapes that don't have individual "downloadable" tracks... but this was very nice. thanks!