This morning it was to walk across this country of America. By the afternoon I wanted to not use the internet for 60 days and blog about it. Right now I want to start my own record label. I just have to find my own Elizabeth Cotten. One of those discovered types who make you wonder who and what else is out there.

It wasn't until she reached her 60s that she began recording and performing publicly. She was discovered by the folk-singing Seeger family while she was working for them as a housekeeper. Cotten was one of 75 influential African-American women chosen to be included in the photo documentary, I Dream a World. When accepting the award in Los Angeles, her comment was "Thank you. I only wish I had my guitar so I could play a song for you all."

I have a couple songs to post on my other puter, but these bideos will do. The first one she gives this dead pan stare. The second is just plain magic. And lastly is a commonly covered song wherein her 12 yr old great grandchild Brenda Evans sings.

Shake Sugaree - Elizabeth Cotten


Chris Stamm said...

"By the afternoon I wanted to not use the internet for 60 days and blog about it."


Melissa said...

I would have to make preparations for Bills, checks, communication. Can't be that hard.

Melissa said...

post blogger

Anonymous said...

it appears that not only was elizabeth cotten a lefty, but she played with the guit-ar strung for a right hander. that's the best idea yet.

Melissa said...

Yess'r, mmmh hmm.