Ok, I might be really drunk right now. And high on cake (happy birthday babychild US and A). But this band rules me hard in the rear right now. Blackblack are really cute. Like super duper cute. I can't stand it. Take a listen // total doom wop. I scrambled together two tracks off their website. Pretty cool, freedom bro's. Oh and go to this page on their site ... I just crapped my pants in adorableness. 

Oh and double and, it turns out this band isn't just some fluke like I had initially  thought. The band consists of sisters, Diva Dompe (vocals/bass) Lola Dompe (drums) and Alexander Greenwald. Diva and Lola are daughters of Kevin Haskins (drummer for Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love and Rockets). While Alexander Greenwald, aka Clark Schadelkopf, is most known for his work with Phantom Planet (the OC theme song, California / Jason Schwartzman). They have two EP's out now that you should buy, here.

Emerald Forest

The Most! The Best! The Greatest!


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