I know I had a good night when I wake up covered with red magic marker, there is captain crunch all over the kitchen floor, my legs have growing pains, my clothes are still wet with sweat** and my hair smells like the dance floor. Its officially summer time in the city. And it's damn hot. Number one priority: chillll with good buds and cheap booze. Last night I went to a kegger birthday loft show in Chelsea. I made 232984 best friends; all of which complimented me on my amazing party ingenuity. I brought a tall can to drink out of instead of a cup - keeps the beer colder, longer, better. Shit, I just remembered that I spit beer in someone's face through my straw, so make that 232983.

Three bands played.
Weezer cover band (really, how could you go wrong here?), Beluga (you and your best friends just started a band and sing I don't care dance punk rock songs about girls and boys you don't like / more of a dreamy Be your own pet), Hexa (two words: bubble machine). I wish Hexa's live performance would translate well over the internet - but it just doesn't deliver the 'juice' that is the stage. Their myspace and website are silly cute - acting more of an aesthete not really representing how they sound. Their live stuff has this amazing fuzzy ballad ska twee as fuck thing going on ... every time I see them, I have as much fun as I am drinking. No wait, I drink as much as I am having fun. Whatever.

**If there was a sweat tshirt contest, I would've won last night. Cool.

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