My sister is one year older than me. In adult years, she would be 7-11 years older. Making 3 times as much $$$ as me, dating extremely handsome / successful men, and maintaining a social life of dinner dates and red carpet events -- living with her can and is a challenge for a lady of my leisurely recreational caliber. Not to say we don't get along, we just ____ when it comes to such extracurricular activities. I like my men simply outre, my possessions modest and my night life uninhibited to the time frame of 'night'.

With that said, my first 6 months here in New York have been excessively glazed over; i.e. $expensive$. I can hate on New York about the fucked up miserable shit that occurs. But you know what, the one redeeming quality of this city is the people. Within the last week I've had some of the best conversation just while riding my bike and on the subway, without ever getting the name of who I was talking to, and without ever spending a dime. To boot, the best music I've heard here was free, dog. Forget dumb dinners with friends of dumb friends and lame overpriced clubs. Let freeeeedom ring. Amen.

For all things good and inexpensive visit:
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My Open Bar

Favorite bar to see (free) music:
Sunny's in Redhook (Ted Baron wrote a little blurb for the New York Times on Sunny's)

Favorite place to drink a tall can in paper bag:
Bergen street, right outside the subway station

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