So, for father's day yesterday ... we did karaoke in the family TV room. I was trying to boost some family bonding, you know? Dad just sat and eventually walked away to chop wood or something and Mom was probably on some chat room 'omg-ing wtf ttyl' style.

Which is hilarious that I stumbled upon this just a second ago. The Knitting Factory is hosting Hip Hop Karaoke NYC. I'll be attending wearing either my freshest hip hop gear or my non-existing business woman suit. My brother and oldest sister are legit hova fans. Two people you would never pick out of a crowd to be such, but they know all of Jay-Z's songs by heart. It's a family affair, Christmas just wouldn't be the same is they didn't bust out the drunken "Money ain't a thing" lyrics.

Here are some more pictures to give you a taste:

This rules. I'm going this Friday. Give me some suggestions for a song -- I need to memorize one beforehand -- please!

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