hongkongbloodopera - ho nomo

Anyone who RSVP'd for the VICE party tonight, probably is crying right now.

Hi there,

Thanks for RSVPing for tonight's VICE LIVE festivities at Santos Party House (and while we're doling out gratitude, thanks to our friends at Nokia NSeries for making it all possible).

This email is to confirm that we received your RSVP, and to give you a little rundown on how things will unfold tonight.

A LOT of people are planning on heading to Santos, which means the club will be packed to the gills, and many, many, many folks on the list will NOT be getting in. Including you, maybe.

Don't get us wrong, we want you there. But expect to wait in line, possibly for a long time, and there's a chance you might not get in at all. If you're one of those people who gets bummed out about such things, don't worry. There will be plenty of VICE parties this summer for you to attend.

Now you know the situation. Thanks for listening. See you tonight?


PS: Please do not reply to this email, no one will read it.


Eff that. At 4 o'clock there were already 50 people in line. I think I might just ride by and watch the assholes as I drink a tall can. BRO!

>Kate Bush 4:17 said it best, "this show sounds like a fucking nightmare. the Muslims are a great band and will be playing again on Saturday night @ the castle in hell. you can see Vivian girls any day of the week. hong kong blood opera look like club kids from the Bang/82 Interpol, Faint days of Hollywood Blvd. that means cheesy. blech. oh, it's possible to be broke with a job and still make it to the music hall at 1 am. hell, i plan on catching Boyz II men at 7 am tomorrow morning and still heading into work by 8:45."

Also, 3:57pm said: "Don't worry... you'll all get in. I personally rsvp'd like 400 times myself using the name "Loser" , so there will be plenty of room for everyone once the doors open."

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