Fugazi: Peel Sessions + DEMO (87-88)

Yikes. When I find stuff like this, I feel so weird. Chunklet:

I'm including a few Fugazi tracks that I never ever see on-line. The first four are from Fugazi's only Peel session from '88, a handful of tracks from their "demo" tape that I got back in '87 and a live track from their first show ("Turn Off Your Guns") that has never made its way to a record.

Music mp3's are at the bottom of the post. But I'd recommend reading it in it's entirety - you know. You might learn something.

Fugazi - Waiting Room (Peel Session '88)
Fugazi - Break In (Peel Session '88)
Fugazi - Merchandise (Peel Session '88)
Fugazi - Glueman (Peel Session '88)
Fugazi - In Defense of Humans (demo '88)
Fugazi - The Word (demo '88)
Fugazi - Turn Off Your Guns (DC '87)

Click here to feel weird and listen.

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