Chuck giving San the finger

I think I captured the romance quite well in this drawing, you know it.

Chuck Berry knows June 7th all too well. In 1957 two of his singles were released on competing record labels in the U.K. “Roll Over Beethoven” was put out by London Records and “School Day” was issued on the Columbia label. A cover of Berry’s, “Come On” by The Rolling Stones became their debut single this week in 1963. And in the same week in 1979, Berry played at the White House, and was also charged with income tax evasion going back to 1973. He was sentenced to five months in jail. Go Chuck.

Speaking of dissent, one curious Chuck Berry contributive musical byproduct was that of the anti-Chuck Berry. The tremendous rock n roll abuse 'post-pink floyd' governed an entire Berry-phobia musical decade. Punk's failed attempt to overthrow was limited by its regurgitation of conventional Johnny B. Goode rock. Chuck Berry was THE negative-touchstone for seeking radical content within postpunk's rock overhaul. Radical form via radical content.

More importantly though -- Uncle Sam, WHERE'S MY $600 CHECK??

Drifting Heart
Johnny B. Goode
School Days
Too Much Monkey Business


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