A cult British pop group from Penzance, England. Operating from a base in St Pauls, Bristol. They performed sporadic concerts in Britain and Europe from 1977 to 1988, often supporting bands such as James, Marc Riley and the Creepers, A Certain Ratio, The Blue Aeroplanes and The Brilliant Corners. They eventually released one 12 inch single called 'aaah, you are as light as a feather' in 1985 and a vinyl album, 'made to be devoured' in 1986. John Peel played a track off the initial single but said that he 'wished the group had a simpler name, like the Moody Blues’' and never played another of the group's recordings...and that is how it was back then. Some were saved and some were drowned.

Their myspace has some songs to download. But this number below continues to be one of my favorites. I'm off to a keggerboner in Astoria. Later. Oh and I want to make out with you. With this song on repeat in my little drunk bonerville head. QUEENS!

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Chorchazade - Beak, Made To Be Devoured

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