Question to Jim Jones: "Why are you on so many of these recordings?" / Answer: "I had a car."

No, not this Jim Jones

This weirdo Jim Jones died 30 years ago

Sadly Jim Jones, Pere Ubu's guitarist, died this past February 26th. Pere Ubu is up there as one of my favorite avant garde rock groups (This heat, the fall, the pop group ... ) Jim Jones was a substantial impetus with Pere Ubu as well as with the rest of the Cleveland scene. Everything you find on the web about this guy says he had an extensive knowledge of music and got along with ev-er-y-bod-y. Mike Decapite wrote a nice post of Jim Jones on Ted Baron's blog here.

This is a pretty good interview detailing Jim Jones' thoughts on tenacity, Cleveland and Jackson Browne.:

"America was being Captain & Tennille'd, Jackson Browne'd and Silver Convention'd to death... and loving it! We admired experimental bands like Roxy Music and Germany's CAN. Our determination was to expand upon the rich areas pioneered by bands such as The Stooges, Velvet Underground, Capt. Beefheart, MC5 & Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd. Bands that NEVER got played on commercial radio. Music that aknowledged the presence of emotions other than those associated with teen love. Music of substance & mind. Music that existed for its own sake, on its own terms."




Jim formed a two-man experimental rock group with Ubu roadie Pat Ryan. This song .... just takes me places and I want to listen to it forever and ever. I am not high.

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Mike DeCapite said...

The Emerald Necklace is the name of Cleveland's park system. I feel the same about this song, always have: I could listen to it a hundred times in a row. (Pretty sure Jimmy did this one alone.) For another glimpse of him, see http://newwork.sparklestreet.com/