Happy Valentines Day

Not the top of the top - just gathered from my lil itunes collection. Here are some good ones to swoon with your sweetie.

Kiss Goodnight - Suckers
Intertwined post-post coital. Rock back and forth together with the beat of the music. Simply lovey dovey. Straight PMA.

More Than This - Roxy Music
This is a little too themed than I typically like for make out music; although just as beneficial as an ice breaker song. You could ask each other about first kisses and crushes. Then bring up this song and listen to it together. Next cuddle closer while casually gazing into each other's eyes in order to make that first imperative connection. Now isn't that lovely?

Sunday Kind of Love - Etta James
Cause opposites attract. Forego the laying down. Stand up and tease your man. Take full advantage of these nostalgic lyrics and boisterous vocals. God, it's practically begging you to practice your Carman Electra strip tease on your man.

The Killing Moon - Pavement
Seriously? C'mon. So romantic. Kiss me already. Just make sure to pull my hair and nibble my neck while you're at it.

Autoluminescent - Rowland S. Howard
It doesn't matter what you've done or where you are going. Right now, baby ... you're in my arms. And I love you for everything that you are to me.

BONUS: My Funny Valentine - Gerry Mulligan Quartet

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