Meet Fang, my black metal bunny. On a whim, I bought him this past weekend at this dumb mall near my parent's house.* The darkest of dark, Fang is a 3 month old (DOB: 11/24/07) Holland Lop who litters his shitbiscuits wherever he hops. All kinds of cuddly and cute, Fang weirds me out with his creepy death stare omen-like eyes.

*When I was 8, my family had a rabbit. I don't remember much of it, or even it's name for that matter. Basically, we didn't have it for very long because we kept it outside in this wire cage and it froze to death over night. Fucking terrible, right? I don't know what my parents were thinking.

/////////SOMEWHAT RELATED: I want this.

A coffee table monster: TRUE NORWEGIAN BLACK METAL, which will be released on Vice Books on May 8 of this year. 208 page hardcover photography book (Dimensions: 11.25" x 14.25") Photographer Peter Beste and his MS.

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kelinci said...

Yeah I agree with your call bunny holland lop.
Kelinci Holland Lop