Queen Majesty

I fucking hate my computer. I just spent the past two hours researching this post. And my fucking computer froze up. Links n photos n shit.

Basically I bought Queen Majesty's newest reggae mix, Trilla. It's amazing. I'm so pissed right now. I had mp3's and references. Been listening to it since 5:30 this morning. Now , FUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. I have to go to work. Full of that nice reverb dance sway and notable/un-notable 80s 90s tracks this mix is gritty in the old treasured vinyl sense. All covers - not mashups - are as they should be, party ready and cheesy, but something you won't be ashamed to know the lyrics to as you sing along. MURDER!

Here's two samples: Listen and buy it!
Human Nature - A.J. Brown
All In Love - Sanchez Love this song, reminds me of those 6th grade dances when I got would get stuck dancing through two slow songs in a row.

Here's Althea and Donna so that I can listen to this at work later today to calm the fuck down:
Uptown Top Ranking
Oh and google Queen Majesty. Hot white girl selecting the best tunes in reggae. BOOYAKA! She's also on myspace.

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