Pee Diddy

The older I get the more I realize that (1 my memory fails me; and (2 I L TV.

1. GAUNTLET 3 - my bitch Coral is back. And I quote, "I don't wrestle. I beat bitches up." While they're at it, they should just go ahead and get Melissa the Philippino and that JLO look alike Vanessa girl back.
2. P Diddy's Making the Band Contest with Danity Kane, that boy group, and Donnie. Donnie is terrrrrrrible. Seriously, a white boy from Jersey - I don't rembemer that ever catching on. But I've committed my undying love to Diddy in 7th grade typing class and I won't ever let him down.
3. Rock of love 3 - Bret Michaels is beautiful and so is his junk.
4. Girls next door - nuff said
5. I don't care anymore about this post. Spring Break NEXT is on. And one of the contestants stalked his high school girlfriend.

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