My friend Erik loves icecream. When it is most cold outside with icicles dangling from the rain gutters, he craves it like moth to a flame. He told me this appetite first began when he was staying at a cheap hotel in downtown Oakland, alone in the middle of winter, while walking the streets at midnight eavesdropping on porch monkeys with an icrecream cone in tow. I didn't believe him until we stopped for gas in North Dakota, the first time both of us had seen our breath crystalize fresh out of our mouths. Walking out of the convenience gas storestattion, I saw him perched up against the truck licking a fucking icecream cone. Well I must have aquired this icecream savoir faire cause I bought a cone while walking home from work yesterday. Then I see this today on his ms:

I just want to perch my lil tongue and have the melt do all the work.

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Manjari said...

Dude, HELL YES. I love ice-cream so fucking much it was my FIRST WORD. And no, I'm not lying.