You can have your Morrisey and I'll take my Nirvana

Today I was supposed to help my sister out with her event passing out flyers in the meatpacking district at some hotel. I told her I was sick. So all day I just layed on the couch and started 5 songs, all of them have since been deleted but one (below). Then turning on the tv I zombied out forever all eternity scoured the internet and make a virb.com account. After eternity ended I got up and cut my hair. I have this crazy aspiration to become an art director for vidal sassoon. I think I just want to expand the young minds of girls who have asshole hair. Then walking the dog /// which by the way it's fucking cold outside, supposed to snow tomorrow /// I saw neckface's white van. Almost like a celebrity sighting, having only seen that shit on the internet. I took some more pictures of local graffiti. Then duke the dog got cold so we wasted time at this comic book store a couple blocks away from my apartment. Cool, right? No. Duke and I ran the rest of the way back and I gave people the stink eye as they ate their smith street dinners. High Fidelity was on, watched that - and got me in a lonely mood. Fuck John Cusack. Dude always gets me down and makes me realize how pathetic I am. Now VH1 is showing Nirvana's unplugged. Never've been way into Morrisey or Nirvana. But if I had to choose, I'd go with Nirvana. Too many young male mexican's identify with his performance. I never understood that. Then again, I never understood Curt Cocaine + what's her name ... Courtney Love. Weird. But I understand suicide. I confessed in emotional drunken rage once after sex that I'm afraid I'll kill myself in 5 years if I keep going along this emancipated path. Yeah, I said emancipated.. That was embarrassing.



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