So Let's Talk Stoned, poof

Ok, now since I'm alone, stoned and watching nirvana + guns n' roses "videos hat rocked the world" I have come onto several conclusions on pop culture within the last 20 minutes. Everybody looks gay on tv. There is so much fucking lame shit crammed into a half hour segment. Why must you punish us?! Just slow down the pace a little, man. These commercials are trippy as hell. Some are good. Like the new nike commercial with warriors and hunters and bad guys and robbers running away. Except the ending sucks. Ha, the vongo commerical is on. They hired fat and ugly actores, why? Seriously. WTF is vongo anyway. Oh, by the way - eating peanut butter high is a-mazing. I think I finally feel like this dog a friend of mine laughed at as he gave dog an almost empty jar of the stuff. Dog sat for an hour licking the shit. Got all over his mouth. But dog was down like he knew it was all a joke and just kept going to keep us laughing. What a great dog. My friend was a dick though. So when did gun 'n roses get fucking cool? All of a sudden they are the throwback band of the past 2 years? I thought they were just ...Slash is hot?! Am I seeing ok?
There are two things I do before going on stage: Tune my guitar and get drunk

Lead singer dude looks a lot like kurt cocaine. Maybe the government is behind this. And my conclusion is that middle america music is dangerous. Stay away from the shit. Its like when you have too much time on your hands and you start thinking too much. This leads to realizing you're pretentiously pathetic and you start ___. Whatever ___ is, you suck at ___. Trapped in the closet?! Are they really advertising R. Kelly's gayness on tv. I know they're delivering the tv christmas commercials to plant the seed of "oh, uncle johnny would love r. kelly's trapped in the kloset dvd. No. wrong. Axel roses teeth are DISGUSTING. EH.

And now thanks to Shawn, my cross country buddy in s.f. who I is my drunk dial cause he's full of jokes and makes me laugh, poooooothfff, I have come across :

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